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NFT Template


Daily Player





3 different planets




4 different Alliance




Trade Union

3 different Tool/Ship Rarity

Pulse Pick – Common
Forge Hammer -Uncommon
Magma Drill – Rare

Metal Miners

Prism Chisel – Common
Crystal Shatterer – Uncommon
Laser Cutter – Rare

Crystal Miners

Atomic Scoop – Common
Radiant Digger – Uncommon
Nuclear Extractor – Rare

Deuterium Miners

Pulsar Transport – Common
Titan Transport – Uncommon
Hyperion Transport – Rare

Trade Ships

6 different Land Rarity

Void Basin – Common
Titan Fields -Uncommon
Iron Wastes – Rare
Thunder Ridge – Epic
Obsidian Plains – Legendary
Magma Crest – Mythic

Metal Lands

Crystal Glacier – Common
Frozen Tundra – Uncommon
Arctic Caverns – Rare
Icy Summit – Epic
Snowdrift Hills – Legendary
Frostbite Plateau – Mythic

Crystal Lands

Pearl Sands – Common
Seashell Bay – Uncommon
Coral Reefs – Rare
Kelp Forest – Epic
Deep Trenches – Legendary
Oceanic Ridge – Mythic

Deuterium Lands

Premium Features

Bronze Premium

Silver Premium

Gold Premium

Premium features have been developed in The Open Space game in order to provide extra benefits to the players and to meet the project expenses. Premium features provide players with monthly extra features. Premium features have been developed in The Open Space game in order to provide extra benefits to the players and to meet the project expenses. Premium features provide players with monthly extra features.

In-game Exchange System





On the Mining Exchange located at the center of each planet, players get DMATTER tokens by selling the mines they produce, and they can also buy other mines with the DMATTER token to cover their expenses or to manufacture new tools.



A circular economy model is tried to be applied in The Open Space game. Resources produced and spent in the game are cyclically included in the economy and removed from the economy. The amount of mines and tokens spent in the game will be monitored on the system, and periodic events will be organized for balancing in cases where it is seen as missing or excessive.

$DMATTER amounts spent in the in-game market will be subtracted from the game economy. $DMATTER production is not possible in the game. Players who want to obtain $DMATTER can acquire DMATTER by exchanging it for trade or mine production in the game.

At the center of each planet in the game is a mining exchange. The mines produced in the game can be converted to $DMATTER by bartering over these exchanges, or mines can be obtained by exchanging $DMATTER. Each pool will initially start with a flat rate.

  • Planet of Colossus:
    – 35,000,000.0000 $METAL / 0.10000000 $DMATTER
    – 35,000,000.0000 $CRYSTAL / 0.10000000 $DMATTER
    35,000,000.0000 $DEUTRYM / 0.10000000 $DMATTER
  • Planet of Glaciara:
    – 35,000,000.0000 $METAL / 0.10000000 $DMATTER
    – 35,000,000.0000 $CRYSTAL / 0.10000000 $DMATTER
    35,000,000.0000 $DEUTRYM / 0.10000000 $DMATTER
  • Planet of Tritonia:
    – 35,000,000.0000 $METAL / 0.10000000 $DMATTER
    – 35,000,000.0000 $CRYSTAL / 0.10000000 $DMATTER
    35,000,000.0000 $DEUTRYM / 0.10000000 $DMATTER
  • Planet of Xantara:
    – 100,000,000.0000 $STRDUST / 0.10000000 $DMATTER

The amount of $DMATTER used in the game is of higher precision. A sensitivity of 0.0000 has been added, considering the use of $DMATTTER in lower amounts. 0.000000010000 $DMATTER inside the game is equal to 0.00000001 $DMATTER outside the game.

The minimum amount for $DMATTER withdrawal from within the game is 0.00000001100 $DMATTER.

Our Roadmap

Redesign The Open Space game mechanism so that it can be used more functionally in the future and improve the in-game virtual economy.

​✅ Determining the game concept that will be suitable for the new game mechanism, determining the features that will be needed in the future, and creating the contract mechanism.

​✅ Creation of The Open Space new game mechanism on Wax Testnet and the start of trials.

​✅ Creation and testing of NFT visuals and NFT functionality to be used in accordance with the new game mechanism.

​✅ Selection of 4 popular game projects on Wax Network to be used in The Open Space game mechanism for the development of the Metaverse game system.

​✅ Completion of the trials of the use of tokens of 4 other popular game projects on the Wax network, selected to be used in the Metaverse game mechanism, and updating the contracts on the Testnet. (While this part was being developed, it was decided that it would be more logical to include more projects instead of limiting it to 4 projects, unlike the planned one. The limit on the number of projects that can be included has been removed and a voting system has been created so players can actively decide which token to use.)

​✅ Improvement of the NFT level system in The Open Space game.

​✅ Completion of smart contracts on the Testnet and the start of closed beta trials.

​✅ Design of new NFT visuals and the start of test drawings.

​✅ Arrangement of a new whitepaper describing the new game mechanic.

​✅ Creation of the Medium blog page.

​✅ Completion of new NFT visuals.

​✅ Reorganization of the main website with new game updates.

​✅ The beginning of the design of the new game interface.

​✅ With the completion of the interface, the start of open beta testing on the Testnet.

​✅ Development of a chat system to increase communication between users in the game.

​✅ Correction of possible errors and maintenance of the old version game on the Mainnet by closing it for 1 week. Transfer of players with old version NFT and Tokens to new tables during maintenance.

​✅ The Open Space 3.0 Ecoverse is the beginning of the game promotion, advertising, and social media activities.

✅ The Mainnet started the open beta release of The Open Space 3.0 Ecoverse update.

​✅ Editing of land management tools and development of the interface.

​✅ The event system was developed and the first blend events were created.

​✅ Ecoverse 3.0 Beta mining mechanisms have been updated and the Free To Play section has been made public.

​✅ Platform selection has been made for the Ecoworld Online 3D metaverse virtual world. Building operations on the WebGL platform have begun.

Updates planned for 2024

⚪ The Ecoverse Chat system will be closed and the Chat system will be integrated into the Ecoworld system.

⚪ Creation of database for off chain interface data.

⚪ The alpha testing phase will be released via Ecoworld Online 3D Metaverse platform WebGL.

⚪ With the development of WAX SDK, the development of mobile and PC versions of Ecoworld 3D will begin.

⚪ 3D Infrastructure planning of the lands will begin.

⚪ Limited time cyclical package contents will be sold for $DMATTER.

⚪ Urban planning and decoration of the planetary centers will be completed.

⚪ A 3D NFT market will be created so that land owners can decorate their lands with 3D objects.

⚪ A DAO system will be developed that will enable land owners to develop their own blockchain projects.

⚪ Package sales will begin so that players can cosmetically differentiate their characters and characters in mini games.

⚪ Negotiations and arrangements will begin for the Google Play store for the mobile platform. ( Google )

⚪ Negotiations and arrangements will begin for the App Gallery store for the mobile platform. ( Huawai )

⚪ Negotiations and arrangements will begin with the App Store for the mobile platform. ( Apple )

⚪ Within Ecoworld, the development of mini games will begin.

⚪ Events will begin to be organized in city centres.

⚪ A system will be developed where land owners can interact with mini games and develop their own mini games.

⚪ An Etherium-based network will be selected with the EVM system and the DMATTER bridging system will be developed for this selected network.

⚪ After the EVM system, DMATTER/USDT pools will be created in swap exchanges such as Pancake Swap.

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